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Financial Solutions for Multi-Practice Owners.

DSO CFO builds the financial protocols + controls so you can focus on what makes your business successful. Our expertise lies in providing practical solutions for multi-practice groups. Whether you are simply looking to get a handle on expenses or trying to find the best way to finance your next acquisition, we create solutions specifically tailored for your group.

Precise Bookkeeping

Financial transparency
Knowing where you are spending money is critical to understanding the health of your business. Without financial transparency, you can't effectively plan for the most critical strategic decisions. DSO CFO provides effective bookkeeping that shows you not only where your group is spending money but what you can do to be more strategic with your finances.

Financial Alignment

Control Your Finances
Ever get frustrated at the end of the year when your accountant surprises you with a tax liability you weren't anticipating? DSO CFO gets ahead of your accounting so you can forecast tax liability and know exactly what to expect. Let us develop strategies to mitigate your liabilities and implement tax strategies that work for not just where your group is now but where you are going.

Virtual CFO

Expert Financial Strategy
Proving whether your business is making money is the first step to understanding how to better run your business. Looking at financing options for acquisitions or equipment, enables strategic growth instead of ad-hoc, shoot from the hip decisions. Couple business instinct with DSO CFO's proven strategies so you are setting a clear financial strategy to effectively grow your group practice.

Professional Solutions

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Carry on planning

A Workplace that knows your Business.

Once you’ve done a bit of doing, go ahead and go back to planning. Constantly re-evaluating your business and the direction it’s going in can help you find opportunities for growth. Constantly re-evaluate your business

Once you’ve done a bit of doing, go ahead and go back to planning. Constantly re-evaluating your business and the direction

- fleur delacour, Company CEO

While you should rightfully feel ownership of your startup, remember that ultimately it’s there to serve your customer and not you—vanity projects won’t last long.

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