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DSO CFO came from Founders who were working with dentists that were missing out on key financial aspects of their business. When budgets were impossible because of mis-categorized expenses or tax planning was off because we were waiting for Financial Reports, we decided to take our expertise and codify solutions that make sense for Multi-Practice Groups.

Started by a small group of professionals working in the dental industry, DSO CFO is the culmination of years of observing and helping our friends and colleagues to be more financially sound. DSO CFO makes financial transparency and strategy achievable.

Our Team


T Hughes

CEO & Co-Founder

T Hughes is the CEO for DSO CFO and works primarily on the financial strategies for our clients. T also works with the Customer Service and Accounting teams to ensure that financial best practices and initiatives are implemented. T received his MBA from Brigham Young University, as well as his Bachelors of International Business, also from Brigham Young University. Early in his career, T went to work for large corporations such as Land’s End and J.Crew. He then returned to BYU to pursue an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. T worked as a Strategy Consultant in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, France for multinational corporations from the US and abroad. During his time in consulting, T built a skill-set in financial analysis and strategy for companies where he worked. Having owned several DSOs, T has taken these skills to dental where he has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the industry. This unique background gives T the ability to systematize and streamline companies financially to develop strategies for and implement them for our clients.


Austin Moffat

Business Development & CFO Advisor

Austin is over our Business Development & is our CFO Advisor for DSO CFO, acting as a direct point of contact for our valued clients. He has one goal; to enable our doctors to thrive financially. He does this by proactively overseeing the practice financial statements & strategic plans set by the team & clients. He loves working with our doctors & is known for his caring nature & high level of responsiveness. Prior to joining DSO CFO, Austin had worked directly with several dental practices across the country overseeing their accounting & finance functions. In this role, he was able to dive into dentistry at a high-level, learning the in’s & out’s of the industry. Austin has developed a strong technical & strategic foundation with an emphasis on achieving growth & long-term client initiatives. Prior to working in the dental industry, Austin worked as the Director of Finance in the marketing industry for over 5 years.

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Michelle Applegate

Head of Accounting

Michelle Applegate is our Head of Accounting here at DSO CFO, overseeing the accounting services provided by our team of accountants back to our clients. Michelle holds dual bachelor’s degrees in accounting and art followed by an MBA in Finance from, Louisianna State University (LSU). Michelle believes that “Everything is better with Sprinkles”, due to her love of ice cream with sprinkles as her go-to topping. She often encourages our team to "try to find the sprinkles in life that makes life better". Michelle has been helping multi-location to single practitioner companies for 30 years. Her goal for our client's practices is to maximize what makes your practice great while protecting the financial future of our clients.


Danielle Matthews

Staff Accountant

Danielle is a bookkeeper & accountant for DSO CFO. A Kentucky native, Danielle has been working in the accounting industry for 13 years, graduating Cum Laude from Sullivan University, in Louisville, with her bachelor's degree in accounting. Danielle’s background, having worked in several CPA firms previously, has given her the ability to understand daily dental practice transactions & prepare financial statements as accurately & timely as possible, having worked with several practices throughout the country. Danielle is an authorized ERO with the IRS & is currently sitting for the CPA exam later this year, 2021.


Marian Sharp

Staff Accountant

Marian Sharp is a bookkeeper & accountant for DSO CFO & joined our team in 2020. Marian graduated from Utah Valley University and has been working in the accounting field since 2012. She specializes in payroll and account management. When not in the office, she is teaching her baby to crawl, crafting, and furthering her education in Forensic Accounting.


Nathan Boyack


Nathan is currently interning for DSO CFO, while attending Brigham Young University, studying Accounting & Finance.

Our Value

Strategic Initiatives

We look at practice financials with a CFO & Consultative approach. This means that data tells a story, where we can help unpack whats really taking place.

Consistent Delivery

How can you scale your practice without consistent data & information?
We understand this & aim to provide consistent delivery of your financials.

Transparent Communication

Data & strategic planning are only as good as the information that lays before you. Transparency is #1, even when things don't go our way.

Service First, Accounting Second

DSO CFO is unique in that we view ourselves as a service company, who happens to provide monthly accounting & CFO services. 

What good are your monthly financials if you don’t understand your inefficiencies? 


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