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The idea that you get financials once a month & just review them is broken; it’s not a good model. 

As a dentist, if you truly want to have an actionable plan from your financials, simply reviewing your financials isn’t enough. You need to set goals & create accountability to keep your overhead low and maximize your profitability.

DSO CFO came from a need that we as the Founders, who owned dental practices, were missing out on key financial aspects of our business. When budgets were impossible because of miscategorized expenses or tax planning was off because we were waiting for Financial Reports, we decided to take our expertise in financially managing dental and customize solutions that make sense for Multi-Practice Groups.

Started by a small group of professionals working in the dental industry, DSO CFO is the culmination of years of observing and helping our friends and colleagues to be more financially sound. DSO CFO makes financial transparency and strategy achievable.


Financial Solutions for Multi-Practice and/or Single Practitioners who want to become mult-practice

DSO CFO builds the financial protocols + controls so you can focus on what makes your business successful. Our expertise lies in providing practical solutions for multi-practice groups. Whether you are simply looking to get a handle on expenses or trying to find the best way to finance your next acquisition, we create solutions specifically tailored for your group.

Practice Bookkeeping

Financial transparency
Knowing where you are spending money is critical to understanding the health of your business. Without financial transparency, you can't effectively plan for the most critical strategic decisions. DSO CFO provides effective bookkeeping that shows you not only where your group is spending money but what you can do to be more strategic with your finances.

Financing & Funding

Practice Growth + Exit
We help practices grow their organizations by not only financial strategy but also by securing bank financing & funding for growth. From the beginning of your dental entrepreneurship journey all the way to your exit, we’ve helped our clients do it all. You’d like your practices to be attractive to banks? We can do that. You’d like your practices to be attractive to buyers? We can also do that. We can help you grown but we can also help you exit as well.

Fractional CFO

Expert Financial Strategy
Proving whether your business is making money is the first step to understanding how to better run your business. Looking at financing options for acquisitions or equipment, enables strategic growth instead of ad-hoc, shoot from the hip decisions. Couple business instinct with DSO CFO's proven strategies so you are setting a clear financial strategy to effectively grow your group practice.

Let Us Be Your Financial Strategists

Our Background

DSO CFO was created by two founders who were stressed out while working with their banks to figure out how to purchase the practices that they had already committed to buy. We were not getting the right support from our Accountants for what we needed and we started talking to others in the Dental Industry and found that there was a solution to this but that we might need to create it.

What were we trying to solve? Getting reliable financial information so we could portray what we were trying to accomplish to groups outside our organization in an effective and compelling way. Basically, we wanted good financials that we could analyze and make strategic decisions so we could convey that to the groups with whom we were working – i.e. – Banks, Consultants, PE Groups, etc.

DSO CFO strives to be the consistent, reliable steering for your Practice, so you can make the decisions that will set the course to where you want to go. Whether it is selling to a DSO, creating your own DSO/Multi-Practice or just running more efficiently financially, DSO CFO can give you the financial tools to help you make those strategic decisions that will help you succeed.

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